The School for Meisters (Master Craftsmen) is the first of its kind to operate in Israel. It trains students and prepares them to pass the qualifying exams required to become mold-making Meisters. The School for Meisters operates in cooperation with the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg and the German Craftsmen Association, "The Kammer", which recognize Zur Lavon as a suitable institution for this prestigious training. Meister is the highest possible qualification that can be achieved in the production industry and is awarded exclusively by the German Craftsmen Association.
The goal of this course is to train Meisters (Master Craftsmen) to enable them to implement and manage a mold production project from start to finish, with the intention that they will lead the advance of mold production both in Israel and abroad. The target audience for Meister training is senior employees with mold making experience (working in mold making factories, design and engineering firms, product developers and manufacturers).
It is expected that employees who receive the Meister qualification will lead the way in improving the technological knowledge and professional skills in any company in which they are employed. This will open doors to technological advancements enabling these companies to move into new areas and break into additional markets. Furthermore it will increase the flexibility of these companies, will increase their ability to compete, will constitute the next generation of the company, and will reinforce Israeli Industry.
Training for Meisters includes advanced training, planning production processes, and teaching and training skills.
The syllabus for this program will include theoretical and practical sections to improve the employee's understanding and skill set.
Areas of Study
· Advanced principles of mold design
· Production of all mold parts with specialization in mold closure
· Management and supervision of production processes
· Mechanical measurement and quality control
· Plastics, polymers, and metals
· Machining  technologies
· Technical drafting and specialized drafting
· Computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD CAM) and CNC programming
· Mathematics and technical English
· Management skills and professional mentoring
· Improving in-depth understanding and conclusions based on actions and experience
· Defining technical specifications based on interaction with customer
· Inspecting condition of used molds
· Identifying contributing factors and reasons for faults, and determining the required corrective actions
· Ability to diagnose and analyze a mold / product in the course of the work
· Acquiring a sound familiarity with technological processes
· Instilling values and work habits based on accuracy, product integrity, and attention to the smallest details will be emphasized
Exams and Authorizations
The Meister Diploma given by the Zur Lavon Training Center and Mr. Stef Wertheimer will be awarded to graduates of the program who have successfully met the following requirements: passed the theoretical and practical exams, and completed a final project – building or significantly upgrading a mold in cooperation with the manufacturing plant.
Additional Information
· The course will take place in the Zur Lavon Teaching and Training Center in the Lavon Industrial Park
· Duration of training – 1600 hours (approximately two and half years)
· Study days – 1 1/2 days per week (12 hours/week)
· Accommodation – as required
· Entry criteria – significant practical experience in the field, pass an entrance exam, personal interview
· Preparatory course – 150 hours, dependent on entrance exam results
· Cost – NIS 18000 for the entire program (NIS 9000 per year)


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