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Mr. Wertheimer won the "Israel Award" winner's for dedication to the Israeli export industry. 
We have asked Mr. Arnon Magidess, the manager of Plasel Molds some questions:

What were your considerations in deciding to develop and invest in Plasel's Irrigation Molds Plant?

Plasel's irrigation Mold Plant was a natural development of Mr. Wertheimer's industrial education activity. As part of their training program, the students are required to produce and market high quality molds. The students use the state-of-the-art equipment, very suitable for making dripper cavities. They managed to produce and export few irrigation molds. This was our first exposure to this very demanding application, many years ago. It was a fine example of convincing young people to be involved in industrial activity, fully supported by Mr. Wertheimer. Plasel Molds leveraged the early exposure and accumulated knowhow and makes the best irrigation molds for the most professional irrigation customers in the world. We have had on-going interest from global irrigation companies, which helped the Plasel Molds gain unique expertise in this area and developed a successful business around it.

How Plasel irrigation Molds does benefit from Iscar's technology leadership and high standards of manufacturing?

Plasel Molds uses the best technology Available to make molds, and keeps developing and adopting leading-edge technologies. A good example for innovation and leveraging on Iscar's technology is the use of powder metallurgy technology (PMT). Based on the long experience and leadership of Iscar in producing cutting tools from metal powder, Plasel Molds adopted the PMT for making cavities for drippers.  This allows production of high volume multi-cavity molds ranging from 16 to 128 cavities, with very good accuracy and repeatability. They shorten the lead time to less than half of the industry standard for this kind of molds - down to 6-10 weeks. Manufacturing capacity using the PMT is much higher, enabling to serve the constantly increasing demand for irrigation molds

How can Plasel Molds compete with the low production costs in the developing countries in South East Asia or other areas?

Plasel Molds is making irrigation molds for dripper for the past 15years.
This level of know-how and experience allows Plasel Mold to offer its customers much more than makings parts and molds. Plasel Molds fully supports their customers' product (dripper) design efforts, testing and proofing of production lines, installations, maintenance and training. They participate in production capacity planning and response rapidly for seasonal and growth requirements. Plasel Molds offers a full analysis and upgrade of production lines, increasing molds production volume, reducing cycle time, and part's weight. This holistic approach focused specifically in irrigation, allows Plasel Molds to offer a comprehensive and economic solution for the entire manufacturing process, and the completer life cycle of the mold.

What advantages does Plasel Irrigation Mold offer its customers?

The combination of expertise in dripper molds, and the innovative process based on Powder Metallurgy Technology enables Plasel Molds to offer a unique value proposition to its customers. To name just a few advantages:
 High Cavitation (64-128)
 High repeatability between cavities
 High repeatability between molds
 Very short lead-time for new molds
 Smaller molds
 Rapid prototyping 
 Easy scalability and capacity ramp up
 Shorter cycle time  
 Short mold start-up as no cavity calibration required
 Simple maintenance - spare cavities from the same production run for the complete mold's life-time
The combination of rapid prototyping using PMT, allows very short Time to-Market from design finalization, to fully operational production lines.
Another important advantage is the smooth capacity development; the shift from 16 cavity mold up to several high-volume production molds is simple and quick and, given proper preparations, can be done even within the same season. This way the preliminary capital investments can be much smaller, reducing risk while still harvesting the full sales potential generated.
Please describe what Plasel Molds products are.
Plasel serve the irrigation industry with the following products and services:
 Multi-cavity molds ranging from 16-128
 Standard 32, 64, 128 cavity molds for Non-PC flat drippers
 Standard16, 32, 48, 64, 96* molds for round Non-PC drippers
 Non Standard molds for Round, Flat and Button, PC drippers ranging from 16 to 32 cavities
 Rapid tooling (Standard EDM/CNC or PMT) of 1-8 cavities molds and product development assistance services including small production runs for QA and assembly and insertion lines manufacturing' installation, and testing
 Installation, Start-up, training and  maintenance
 On-site installation with variable attendance of our staff according to customer specific needs

Who are Plasel irrigation Molds' Customers?

Our global customer base includes almost all major players in the irrigation industry - and many other smaller companies.


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